Harbor, Pepperdine Bible Lectures

Scandalous Witness: A Little Political Manifesto for Christians

February 22, 2021

Christian identity is in moral and political crisis. One major reason Christianity in America has been made into a bad public joke is our failure to rightly understand what Christianity is. Refusing to reduce Christianity to any partisan agenda, we must embrace a Christianity that is neither right, nor left, nor religious, as well as the fact that the gospel is inherently political. Our calling as political witnesses requires, among other things, our insistence that “American hope” is an illegitimate form of Christian hope. The United States is not the hope of the world nor is it a Christian nation. Rather, “American Christian values” corrupt Christianity, and partisanship mocks the true scandal of the gospel. This does not mean, however, any ill-conceived withdrawal from, or apathy regarding sociopolitical concerns, nor does it entail a posture of being countercultural.

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